Tortas Carmen Lupiañez is a family business with more than 5 generations dedicated to the manufacture of oil cakes from Algarrobo, in the province of Malaga.

The oil cake of Carmen Lupiañez is a product with a traditional flavor that dates back to Arab times: its special extra virgin olive oil, together with the mixture of wheat flour, sugar, almonds, matalahúga, cinnamon and yeast.

Its intrinsic value, healthy and natural, has had an impact on the acceptance and expansion of our product. Today, after years of more artisanal systems, we have taken a big step in updating both processes and quality: internationalization and expansion of production capacity to meet consumer expectations.

All this supported by a quality management system to not lose at any time the DNA that distinguishes us and to continue offering a food fully representative of the Andalusian gastronomy: texture and aroma of a traditional product and taste, of course, a typical sweet from Malaga.

At Tortas Carmen Lupiañez, we believe that quality management confers an “added value” to our products. We are committed to a culture of quality and food safety, uniting the set of individual and organizational behaviors based on shared beliefs and values, to a chive consumer satisfaction.